How to start yoga at home? 6 steps to start your yoga life.

A professional yoga training plan is the most important for a yoga beginners

Step 1: Let yourself know what you need from yoga.

There are some examples for you:

  1. Weight control
  2. Healthy bodybuilding
  3. Mind relax
  4. Become a yoga teacher
  5. Heal a part of your body
  6. Social making
  7. Personal faith
  8. To strengthen the thinking
  9. Others ( your personal goals)

Write down your goal on the paper.

Step 2: Make sure how much time you will cost for your yoga practice.

Here are our suggestions:

  1. Make a long-term plan. It’s hard to see the effect of yoga for a short time practice.
  2. Morning and evening are both ok to practice yoga.
  3. At least 3 times per week.
  4. Suggestion 30mins – 60 mins per practice.
  5. 10 – 15 poses change will be good.
  6. Set up your clock for your practice.

Step 3: Pick up poses for your goal.

Manage your yoga poses:

  1. Be clear about your goal.
  2. To understand the benefits of yoga poses.
  3. To understand the difficult yoga poses through videos, DVDs, Magazines and our web.
  4. Choose yoga poses for yourself. (Must be related to your goal).
  5. Write them down on the paper. (We name it Yoga Schedule Sheet – YSS).

Step 4: Ready for action

Before practice we still have work to do:

  1. Environment: choose a place that clean, quiet, has fresh air, warm and light.
  2. Floor: not hard floor, a good yoga mat will be your important partner for a really long time.
  3. Yoga pants and clothes need to be ready.
  4. Tern on the yoga music. Soundbox will be a good choice! Wireless earphones only use in public place.
  5. Slippers need to be ready.
  6. YSS needs to be ready.

Step 5: Carry out your plan. The action is the most important.

Suggestions for action:

  1. Breath: Never ignore the importance of breathing. Breathing directly affects the heartbeat.
  2. Meditation: Always take meditation before your practice. Tell your body to be ready. 5mins – 15mins depends on your plan.
  3. Stretch: Strech your body by practice the stretching poses.
  4. Practice: practice your poses one by one and follow your YSS.
  5. To feel: feel the pain, feel the changes in your body, feel the peace in your mind.
  6. Keep going and never give up.

Step 6: Check and Nutritional Supplement

Check the result:

  1. Make sure you did the right poses on your YSS.  Put a tick in the right place.
  2. Make sure your body still working, not broken.
  3. Check your heart rate, weight, and blood pressure something.
  4. Take a cup of milk.