How to release back pain with foam roller

How to release back pain with foam roller

Back pain is a problem that many people have encountered. It is not very serious, but sometimes it makes us distressed and hard to explain. “You look a little tired, are you okay?” “I’m just a bit tired. I’m fine.” This is a common conversation between back pain patients and friends. It seems ordinary, but it can only be understood by person who suffered back pain. Back pain can make a person who wants to work hard lose the enthusiasm of continuous work. It makes a cheerful person lose his smile and makes a happy family lose laughter. It even can cause conflicts between family or team, because not everyone can understand the pain of patients with back pain at the same time. Back pain leads to depressed moods, which will inevitably have negative emotional impact on people around you. So today our mission is to understand what is back pain? What are the reasons of back pain? And how to solve back pain?

What is back pain?

Back pain is divided into normal back pain and lower back pain. Normal back pain refers to the back that corresponds to the lungs, and shows persistent pain, swelling, and soreness.

Lower back pain, as the name suggests, refers to the pain in the lower back which usually appears on the below part f the lower edge of the back ribs. Many people also call it “lumbago”, because of it occurs between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae or between the fifth lumbar spine and the first sacra vertebra. It is also the one of major diseases in modern civilization.

What are the reasons of back pain?

1. Incorrect Sitting posture

With the development of civilization, more and more people will work long hours in front of computers. The average working time is 6-8 hours everyday. Wrong sitting posture will cause continuous and irreversible damage to your back and cervical spine. Improper sitting posture may be caused by several reasons. For example, the height of table and chair is not correct. Table is too low and chair is too high. People in a back bent and forward working posture unconsciously. It directly burdens the spine. Spine injuring is easy to increase the risk of kyphosis.

2. Excessive work

It is more common to find back pain in family women. When cleaning the house, people should sweep the floor, mop the floor, use a vacuum cleaner, and wash. At the time, people always keep body posture in a state of leaning forward. It naturally takes place that the back muscles are over-stretched and the muscle tension continues to be intense. If you do not have enough relaxation and treatment, it is very easy to accumulate back fatigue. Back pain is just one of the symptoms.

3. Wrong position when lie in the bed

Nowadays, many people like lying in bed and watching phones. It is common to spend more than two hours. So here comes the question. Why leaning on the bed is also the culprit of back pain? If the curvature of bed backrest is too high, and we do not put a pillow on the back, it will easily lead to a dangerous vacuum triangle. This will put more pressure on the back of our body. We will feel pain after 2-3 hours.

4. Stay up late

I do not elaborate too much on the hazards of staying up late. Excessive fatigue causes loosening of muscles throughout the body. If energy is not supplemented, it can easily cause soreness. This kind back pain is usually accompanied by headaches and fatigue. It is difficult to relieve the soreness through the second day of sleep supplementation.

5. Long drive

We can understand very well that we often miss a warm bed after a long drive because driving requires high concentration. It is a sitting position. Low back pain and cervical pain happens frequently.

6. Physical injuries

When you do not have sufficient enthusiasm for sports during high-intensity sports, you may cause muscle injuries. A lack of calcium in the body can also cause muscle twitches that can cause injuries during exercise.

7. Other reasons

How to solve back pain and lower back pain?

1. Yoga foam roller back exercises

Yoga foam roller is used in a wide range of areas and is suitable for both back pain and lower back pain. It can be used with simple yoga exercises to relieve back muscle tension and reduce back pain. Keeping the exercise can make the back activate and promote back blood circulation. Use your own weight to massage your back. It spends low costs, but result is very significant. It is so-called scientific and healthy exercise. It can effectively alleviate back pain. Foam roller from amazon. We suggest you watch the foam roller video.

2. Massage chair

For people who want to relieve back pain, lower back pain and cervical pain relaxed, the massage chair is a very suitable choice. Though the cost is slightly higher, imagine that after a day of intense work, the body is exhausted and most people are reluctant to exercise again at this time. When you return home, you can let your tired body lie on the massage chair. The muscles in the back, the muscles in the legs, and the muscles in the calf can be relaxed with a scientifically arranged massage. I believe you have experience in a massage chair in mall.

For friends who drive for a long time, we suggest that you can have a portable massage backrest that can give your lower back a lasting massage while driving.

3. The nearest massage and cupping shop.

If you have a massage parlor around you, you can go for a back massage at a massage parlor to relieve back pain. A typical back massage shop may cost $35-75 USD for an hour and may need to make an appointment in advance.

4. Adjust the height of the table and chairs until they are sitting properly

For back pain caused by sitting posture errors, we strongly recommend to change a chair that can adjust the height. No matter in a long time-work, games, meetings, and other activities, it will help you reduce spinal injuries. Correct posture also better protects eyesight.

5. Get medical attention

If back pain is a physical injury, we strongly recommend that you seek medical treatment at the earliest opportunity. Professional care will be the best treatment for physical back pain.


We want to bring you long-term health, not short-lived pain relief. So we recommend that you choose a healthy aerobic breathing exercise to improve your physical fitness. We propose yoga practice. We hope that these methods we provide can help you to get rid of back pain. If you think these methods are helpful, please share it with more people who need help.

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7 thoughts on “How to release back pain with foam roller

  1. Lynne says:

    Hello, lots of good things to check on what could be causing my lower back pain. Would love to see that video of the roller for my back. Thanks!

  2. Ruby Cantu says:

    Great information. I work as a nurse 12 hour shifts taking care of 2 halls of patients. I spend all day walking and standing and bending over. Needless to say I experience a lot of back pain. I’m going to have to look into this foam roller. Thanks for the great article.

  3. Alece says:

    Love this post! I am an advocate for using a foam roller and have found it helps me so much after working or exercising. This is a really well written and informative post 🙂

  4. Dany says:

    Hi Raino,
    Great info in your article. I agree when is about back pain caused by long driving hours. I experienced this quite often and the only remedy was massaging the back and of course yoga as you suggested.
    Thanks for sharing the tips!

  5. Geoff Harris says:

    This is a very comprehensive post, offering good possible reasons for back pain and useful tools to consider as a solution.

    No personal problem with my back but my wife suffered for some time and eventually the right mattress was found and ‘hey presto’ back pain no more.

    Interested in your notes on ‘over indulgence’ must do more research!!

  6. Chryssius says:

    You’ve covered some really good points here. Definitely given me food for thought regarding my own back pain, which I now think is mostly attributed to technology use.

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