Lose weight start from abdominal breathing exercises

Lose weight start from abdominal breathing exercises

We want to improve our physical fitness and lose weight, but we don’t always know how to start. Let’s start with the simplest step – abdominal breathing. To understand the importance of breathing, such important

Fresh air

steps are often overlooked by us. Now we need to see how breathing actually works.

Abdominal breathing exercises

Breathing is a very important part of the process of practicing yoga. Yoga is not a fierce sport, but how can yoga be able to lose weight? If you want to lose weight, you must

control the fat rate. Yoga breathing helps fat burning. We can understand that the human body is like a machine. The energy of the machine operation comes from the decomposition of food and the storage of fat in the body. Burning, just like fire burning requires oxygen. When taking deep breaths in the abdomen, we can not only burn excess body fat but also provide sufficient energy for other healthy cells and tissues. Sufficient energy can help the healthy functioning of our organs. When every organ in our body is kept healthy, my body naturally has a powerful healing power. This is the principle that breathing can bring us a healthy body.

How important fresh air for our body

Just as the human body needs water, the human body also needs fresh air without pollution. Here, we suggest trying to avoid places with severe air pollution when doing yoga exercises. Look for some more green environment, so that the air we breathe contains the sun’s energy brought by the photosynthesis of plants, which is the cosmic energy. This energy will become part of our body.

The breathing method of yoga and various postures of Yoga can effectively eliminate excess fat in the waist, buttocks, buttock and other parts of the legs, and can also stretch the body’s muscles and ligaments. Can help modify the body’s muscle lines and bone deformation. Focus on breathing can bring us peace of mind.


Focused on breath

When we take deep breaths, our concentration is all focused on one breath and one breath. At this time, our thoughts will not produce too many thoughts. If there are some distractions, they will gradually disappear as we continue to train for breathing. The practice of yoga breathing is also our inner cultivation. Over time, we will find that things that once made us angry have become less unpleasant. Things that have been irritating and unmanageable seem to have become so clear. The series of negative emotions that we once had in our minds, such as shyness, indecision, etc., seemed to be getting less and less. Calmness and gratitude seemed to increase in confidence. More and more positive energy will slowly change our living habits and make our living habits more healthy. Healthy living habits can bring us more and more happiness, and your happiness will be affected. More and more people let them like you more. This will make your life a virtuous circle.

So how do you start practicing breathing?

  • The first step is to choose a pose that will make you comfortable. You can sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable. You feel relaxed.
  • In the second step, close your eyes and let your eyes relax and feel your body. Feel it all from head to toe, ensuring that all parts of your body are relaxed.
  • The third step, to feel your breath, take a deep breath, and take a four-second interval, count in silence, inhale 1234, exhale 1234… In this way, the breathing time is 15 minutes. At first, you may feel very tired when you are not accustomed to feeling the breath. You may feel that oxygen is not enough, but it doesn’t matter if your body slowly adapts to this kind of breathing rhythm. All you need to do is breathe and relax.
  • In the fourth step, we need to breathe as the practice increases. Change from six seconds to six seconds from six seconds to eight seconds slower and longer. Our body will adapt more and more.
  • The fifth step, when we are accustomed to the breathing method of yoga, we can always keep this breathing method while doing yoga. Persisting practice will allow us to see amazing results.


Are you ready to consciously breathe here?

By Raino

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