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Welcome to our website, this is a place that could help you to remove troubles in your heart.


I am Raino, I was a very shay, low self-esteem, annoying boy. I can’t even feel my value of existing. I feel so down when I am doing anything. That makes me always lose my mind when learning, speaking, working, gaming, even driving. I know that was danger, but I can’t control my mind at that hard time. Until a day I met a pastor who’s from Taiwan, I call him Mr.Zou. He told me people like god’s artwork, the better we become the more we gained from god. We have 100% decision-making power to decide what kind of person we want to be. So the answer is people’s Value is priceless. Nobody could decide how much we worth except yourself and maybe god. I changed my mind, I make a decision, let me become a happy person, now I did it.

I hope to help people who is down, tell them don’t cry, and try to make them happy. More and more people.



There is always a reason for cry, mad, sad. We will try to find it out, and help you to kick it out from your mind. If possible we will fill happiness, peaceful, rich to your spirit. It is a hard work, we help you. You teach us how to improve our solutions. We appreciate it.



If we make you happy again, can you come back and see us, just like old friend?

Hope you doing well, and we always love you.

By Raino


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